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Hey there, sketch journal.

It's been a while.

[takes off clothes to a slow funky beat]

I mean--time for a massive update! Today at the Borders cafe and on various buses I realized there were a lot of decent sketches in my sketchbook I had never really bothered to scan, dating as far back as November. So when I got home I took the time to scan in all of them, which I shall show to you now.

Be excited. This is more than 23 sketches (I say so because a lot of the 23 images have more than one sketch in them) that none of you have seen before. This is what happens when you're far too lazy to get up from playing the Sims. Luckily, I'm going to have a lot of time off from now on.

WARNING: If you have a slow connection, beware--many of the images are quite large. I would suggest you click on the cut and go make yourself a sandwich while it loads.

Roughly in chronological order.

At the time of drawing this, it was just some sexy scrawny dude with a beard (who happened to have a sketch of an interesting hand on the same page), but looking, well, it's Rocky. Which is amazing. And cool. What can I say; he's invaded my sub-conscious.
To the right you can see a strange-looking Aidan, which I like for some reason. Importantly, however, I sketched out a tiny Aidan, which shows his precise proportions. Aidan is not any taller than 5'7"

Study of Rodin's John the Baptist, which I love. I never got to finish this, and I severly skimped on the face, but this was really fun to draw. I was late for class because I was so engaged in drawing, but hell, it was worth it.

Professor Basile was demonstrating the proportions of a head from the profile view (see what cool shit you do in art class???) and I felt like taking notes so I added details to mine. It came out...perfectly proportional. And also, there was a rather nice hand playing the neck of a bass/viola/whatever in the vicinity, so I included it.
To the right (I'm trying to conserve the energy in your scrolling finger) there's an interesting hand (mine) holding a razor that I sketched as a study for my Parson's Six-Steps portfolio piece (remember? that dude who was shaving?). Nearby on the page I drew a vaguely-female girl. Enjoy.

Ahh! Philippe, mon comarade! This is the British chocolate chef working in Switzerland from a story I told you about but I never posted because it was entirely absurd and 500% too bizarre for anyone to read. Nevertheless, I love Phillip. He's such a bastard. And another hand.
To the right, you can see a study of the lead singer of the band Phish (Trey). I did a lot of sketches for a birthday present for Gonzo, who absolutely adores Phish.

"I'm not the man to shirk when the fate of whole countries is in the balance," [Rincewind] said. "I will make a start at dawn to complete this task which I have already completed, by hoki, or my name isn't Rincewand!"
"Rincewind," said the kangaroo.

I guess you could say it's from the Last Continent. All of this sketch sucks except for his expression, which I love endlessly. Sigh.

Roughly in chronological order.

IK's the only one who might be even vaguely familiar with this. Somewhat Brett-Helquisty in that the figure's spindly...I really liked it. It's so...floaty!

I loved this sketch of Aidan--frustrated, and best of all, at a cool angle! As you can see, I also sorta kinda re-designed his tattoo to be more designish and...and shit. I don't know. Aidan looks pretty cool here, I think. AGREE WITH ME!

This is a somewhat accompanying sketch of Naeem, and I think the phrase above his shoulder says it all. Awwww, yeah. Coolness to the 2^2397480 degree.
To the right is a cartoony sketch of John, who has grown a lot more hair and long patchy sideburns since then. Still, I like it because it's a really accurate indication of his posture and the kind of clothes he wears.

A nice sketch of Sophia lecturing someone from a balcony ledge. I figured it might be Sophia trying to ward off a crowd of undesireable and unattractive comic-book/anime nerds who followed her from her local comic-book store, where they have a shrine to the only hot chick who ever sets foot in there (read: Sophia).
To the right, I have some sketches of the differences between Aidan at age 17, and Aidan now (age 30). As you can see, he cut his hair and Naeem broke his nose.

A weird drawing of Aidan that's rather detailed...I love the face on this, and a lot of things about it in general, but it looks kinda strange. But who cares! The shading's really cool and Aidan's nose is really pretty.

Heh. A dude with a mohawk who bears a great resemblance to Nervous Subject. I just out of the blue chose to draw him NAKED. I not-so-discretely censored this--I mean, I'd love to share more male anatomy with my fellow artists, but truth be told I don't think I could live with myself if I showed female minors an illustrated penis (and then some), flaccid or not! Especially IK, for whom I know it would be infinitely awkward. Still, the non-naughty bits were too cool to pass up showing to you.

The Notorious T o d d S c h u b e r t (spaces to protect against him finding this in a search engine, him being semi-famous and all--normally he doesn't look this intense, but this was sketched from a picture of him. Rocking out. Fuckin' rail. The back of this reads, "Hey I'm pretty good at this." Because I am. ...
To the right you can see two sketches of John's hand (while he was sleeping--I think the one on the left is fantastic), and a random tree between them, which I thought was nice. I just love the shading of the fingers on the hand on the left.

Inspired by those stone statues of angels, like Bethesda in Central Park. I think this is okay, but for some reason everyone who's seen it really likes it. *shrug* I guess she looks very convincingly Hellenistic or something.
To the right is a woefully incomplete sketch of Ron Weasley, as he would be in the GoF film: hot sex. But yeah, I never got around finishing it. The hair is still pretty nice, though.

! I love this! Probably because I just drew them today, heh. I went to Borders and felt compelled to sketch out of a certain anatomy book.... It was SO fun. It's just really fun to sketch something you may have once thought was too complicated and not fuck up majorly--I'm glad I practiced a little bit on feet, because I definitely need it. OH, shading anatomy is so fun!! Especially with ballpoint.

Another anatomy sketch that didn't fit on the other page of my sketchbook. It is really awesome and was twice as fun to draw. That's all I can say about it.

Aaaaand, to finish off, a cartoon drawing of Rincewind sitting cross-legged... with his hat trying to inexplicably escape from his head. Hey, I really like this, okay? His shoes were actually harder to draw than you might have suspected!

And that's about it. I hope I didn't bore you too much. I just wanted you to see it! I've also updated all the sketches to, but it doesn't really make that much of a difference so whatever. But I updated!!
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