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Operation Ballpoint

A Sketch "blog"

Ballpoint Brigade
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A sketch community of a different kind. No, not really.

The forever-awesome ballpoint logo

Presenting the 5471st Allied Airborne division, the Ballpoint Brigade (a term which here mean, "some kids who like to draw and for some reason use an airforce theme for their syndicate, even though they rarely illustrate anything to do with military history.")

imagined - RAF Base: Boscombe Down - Rank: Colonel Holly "Wolverine" S. (Squadron Commander)
Whatever IK's got to say, it will probably never appear here.
Aha! I defy your misplaced assumption of my general laziness! Um. IK draws mainly cartoons, because they don't have to look like what they are meant to be. However, she does not draw in an anime style, and has been known to violently assault those who suggest otherwise. With a teaspoon.

gutlesswonder - USAF Base: Patrick - Rank: Lieutenant Awesome
Lt. Awesome (or just Janos) has been known to draw incomplete comic books, exploit the rainforest, and sell hubcaps to small children, offenses all punishable by death in the Conch Republic. His aspirations include one day being promoted to Major Doofus.

missdooberry - RAF Base: West Drayton - Rank: First Sergeant Sammi "Pippipcheerio"
Sammi has no real drawing style, cartoon or otherwise. This is probably because she can't really draw, but luckily, people have yet to cotton-on. In order to keep up the deception, she draws fruit, pots, peoples noses and other miscellaneous items. She can be found most mornings covering all pages of the newspaper with doodles. Keep your newspapers away from her.

sushi - USAF Base: Hickam - Rank: Airman Kira Kamikaze
The immature fourteen-year old of the group, with the equally immature anime-style (is that possible? Now it is). However, she does try to soften the Japanese-anime to that awesome Korean-anime style. If all else fails, she'll go X-men on you.

nagano - USAF Base: McGuire - Currently On Leave
Whereabouts uninteresting.

Answers to all the questions you'll never ask.

Q | Are you guys like military buffs or something?
A | No. Although gutlesswonder tries hard not to giggle while watching war films.

Q | If you're not too interested in the military, why did you name your collective after a military theme?
A | It's called use of clever alliteration. And we do quite like ballpoint pens (or as my wacky RAF buddies are wont to call, biros, which may be a brand but I've never asked them).

Q | But there aren't any brigades in the US Air Force!
A | ...shut up!

Q | How do you determine, er, "rank"?
A | By seniority. None of us can really decide who's cooler, so we use the date of one's entering the world as a basis for first dibs. This unfortunately means Kira will never rise above the ranks of Airman until the rest of us are dead. Er.

Q | I am serving/have served in the United States/Royal Air Force and I'm highly offended. Also, I own several guns.
A | Well, we're sorry about--oh I say, what's that over there?? [runs]