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A message from your fearless comrade

I don't have too much with which to update, really--in the recent past I've devoted all my efforts in to drawing an art entry to The Witching Hour's Gallery, which came out awesomely. Before I let you see that, however, I have a few other things I scanned.

If you were unlucky enough to receive this card, this should be entirely familiar--if not, however, gaze upon it for the first time!

...or so Pete said (stupid Pete!) This a sketch of the HUSH Don't Tell Mom RPG character Olga Molotov. She's 15 and a recent immigrant from Russia, and the granddaughter of the Russian Mafia matriarch. She also has a silly little crush of Sergei Tokarev, who is insane. She's pretty in a very...starved Russian way.

Click on image to see full-sized version

BAM. Shit took me hours to draw, but I am well satisfied with the results--ink, marker, and colored pencil on Bristol board. If you couldn't's just Harry falling off his broomstick. Again. For what would probably be the 40392nd time in his Hogwarts Quidditch career. It was very fun to draw and very challenging to color and I managed to submit it online in time! Hopefully the Witching Hour people accept it :D That would be very awesome indeed. If they don't, who cares; I still have a great drawing to put on my wall. For now, however, I have to keep it dry and safe in case they actually do accept it and request the real copy.

That's it for drawings, but I have an important thing or two to say about the vaguely planned travelling Ballpoint Brigade sketchbook project we had in mind...

I got the sketchbooks.

Lord Vader proceeds to inspect the high-quality Moleskine brand eco-notebooks...

"Impressive...most impressive..."

They cost exactly $3.33 each (they came in packs of three so I couldn't just buy one) and fit perfectly inside these 6 x 9 in manilla envelopes (for shipping) I bought at an office supply store. I haven't checked how much they weigh yet though, so I can't say how much postage will be. I'll be willing to take the slight brunt of the cost and be the one to ship it to one of you two in England; then one of you will just have to mail it to the other one in England, who shall unfortunately have the task of paying, like I, the international shipping to Hawaii. Kira, of course, will ship it back to me at the regular USPS rate.

So yeah. That's the plan. Any questions?
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