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Finally got around to posting some things from my school sketchbook. Naturally, they're rather boring and wholly unimaginative, but that's all I ever do, so it doesn't matter too much. These were all too large to go in the scanner all in one, so as I'm lazy you've just got some rather bad photographs, sorry.

Fruit! Did this one ages ago.

Pretty self-explanatory. Man, photographs really bring out how wonky the drawings are. You don't notice so much when you just look at it.

Same as above.

Filling up space in my sketchbook. Currently I'm finishing off all of my Art coursework before we have to hand everything we've done in in a few weeks.

Same drawing again, this time in ink! Wow. I actually really like ink, it's so... satisfying? I don't know. Warning - don't stab yourself in the hand with a dangerously sharp ink pen. It hurts. And bleeds. And possibly gives you ink poisoning.

This was just a rough painting I knocked up in a lesson. It looks best from a distance, the longer, the better. I think the middle of it looks too confused, but I'm not sure I can be bothered to go over it and neaten it up, plus the messiness is kind of nice

That's your lot for the moment. I do woefully little art outside of school (i.e. none), but then I'm enjoying Art in school more, so that's good. Shame I've only got a few lessons left then! Once I get all of my all of my finished pieces back later in the year I'll photograph those too.
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