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[ in other news, I should stop updating so much. ]

Hello my freaky darlings; I don't have much to share this time. I've been in another art slump - the kind where you really want to draw, but everything you draw comes out like crap? Yeah. Like that. Anyway, right now I'm still working on Trigger Happy, though with less enthusiasm. (Sitting for an entire day coloring at the computer kind of puts a damper on that kind of thing.) I'm also working on a scratchboard piece on the seven sins for art. As soon as I'm done and my art teacher gives it back, I will scan it. Because it is cool.

In fact, as soon as she gives me all of my art back I'll share. Because really, it's the only thing I've been doing lately. ANYWAY. Now on to the actual post.

EAT THAT ART BLOCK. Yeah. I'm not very cool, and I used a photo reference, but I'm still incredibly pleased with it. Well, at least, with Boy on the Left which is Human-Kibo. Boy on Right (Ex) didn't come out quite as good. He looks way more stiff and stuff. BUT. I'm trying to do drawings that actually depict natural-looking people in realistic scenes.

Like doing the newspaper crosswords on Sunday morning.

Actually, I have a whole bunch of PSP7 pixel doodle crap that I could share for the sake of it.

These were all for that meme where you draw one of your friends' interests. Apparently, this one was really pretty and nice. Really. It's not.

I used to cell shade like this a lot when I first discovered CGing.

This was the original sketch - but then I fixed Ex's head / neck because it looked really weird.

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